Writing Plan July 2018

I spent the last week on a road trip and had many thoughts on what to write during those long driving hours. I decided to start with a writing plan.

I allocate only about an hour to writing blog posts every day. It is likely that I will not finish writing these topics any time soon but let’s review it in October. Suggestions on related topics are welcome.

An updating list:

Blog Series 1: Planning and Productivity

This series will continue on the two previous posts on productivity and planning.

1.1. Research Project management with R Studio and Github (check)

How I manage my project materials (data, code, output) and try to make my research reproducible.

1.2. Good and bad R code (check)

The principles that I believe to be essential for writing code that is easier for others to understand.

1.3. Getting things out of your head

Another post on the book Getting Things Done.

Blog Series 2: Causal inference with observational data

The plan is to review readings on causal inference methodologies, including the new developments that combine machine learning.

2.1. Causal inference in applied social science

2.2. Methods overview: IV, DID, RDD

Will split this into several posts.

2.3. Causal inference with Directed acyclic graphs

Review of Textor et al. (2017) published on International Journal of Epidemiology.

2.4. Combine Machine Learning and causal inference

2.5. Robust control selection

2.6. Hausman Test

Blog Series 3: Machine Learning application in Social Sciences

Mostly paper summaries and reviews

3.1. Nightlight data

3.2. using CNN to analyze satelite imageries

4.1. Career plan

4.2. Soft skills

Yujun Zhou
Data Scientist

Currently works at Facebook Applied AI Research as a Data Scientist. Trained in Applied Economics and Machine Learning.